Technology we use

Using the latest dental and computer technologies, each patient will be able to view movies and television shows during treatment and also be able to review their x-rays, treatment plan, and photographs on the overhead LCD monitors. 


The entire office uses as little paper as possible with all patient records and treatment plans digitized and securely stored on our computer network.  Multiple layers of firewalls protect the computer network and all records are protected by encryption, passwords, and fingerprint recognition technology.  Protecting patient information is a top priority. 

We utilize the latest state of the art Sterilization process and equipment.  The Sterilization Room is open for all patients to view the cleaning process.  


Our office features digital x-rays which no longer uses hazardous chemicals, uses about 80% less radiation than standard film x-rays, and processes the images in under 10 seconds.

Our water used for dental treatment is continuously disinfected by an ultraviolet light system. The water is first triple filtered and then passes through a reverse-osmosis filter.  It then finally passes through a UV chamber that disinfects the water prior to entering your mouth.  A secondary system allows us to also purge all of the water treatment lines with a chemical disinfectant that kills and prevents biofilm formation.  This entire water treatment system complies with CDC and ADA guidelines for water quality.